Why Go Solar


Cut Electricity Bills

You might not be aware that Solar Energy is quite cheaper compared to Grid supplied electricity or from Generators and Inverters which are 3-4 times costlier than solar. Adopting Solar, you can reduce your electricity bills up to 40% to 60% or even more subject to your location and consumer category. Whereas, Solar systems use sunlight to generate electricity which is absolutely free abundantly. So Become a Solar-Mitra TODAY! Check your projected savings using our Solar Calculator .

Lifetime Free Energy @ Almost NIL Maintenance

Do you know, Solar systems require nothing, just washing your solar panels as maintenance? Just ensure that clean water should be used for this purpose. Washing about 10 to 12 times a year is all you need to do.

With our special module cleaning equipment, this is as simple as turning on your fan switch or your house keeping staff can do this just like anything.

By adopting our comprehensive service and maintenance packages (AMC), just install it and forget it, leaving rest behind on Inframitra.


Safest Investment @ Highest Returns

Since the fuel for a solar system is sunlight, which is free for lifetime and abundantly available, Solar is just the safest investment and the returns are as high as beyond the expectations. Even stock investments, Mutual Funds and Fixed deposits can’t stand along the Solar returns. Moreover, solar returns being part of our savings, are free from any kind of taxes. If you are thinking of renewable energy to bring down your electricity bills or to play your role for conservation of environment, it’s the time to join hands with “Inframitra” and Start Your Solar Journey NOW!

Available to All

Our planet is blessed with abundant solar radiations and Sun shines equally at every corner for us. Be it a corporate giant, Village farmer or a small factory owner, the power of Sun is for everyone. Whether you need to run your water pumping motors in your farms or need to run entire factory, solar solutions are available to all kind of needs.

Inframitra provides precisely engineered solutions for your every type of solar needs. For more details, Get In Touch with our experts.


Reduces Carbon Footprints (Eco-Friendly)

We consume fossil fuels at a greater rate than we have ever had over the past 50 years. Unfortunately, we will have depleted these resources by the end of this century which is why we have to come up with other ways to get power and solar energy may be the future.

Many of us take the sun for granted and if we are really serious about preserving the environment and reducing our demand for oil, solar energy is just one of the options we have on the table.

Inframitra envisage to playing an imperative part in assisting India’s net zero carbon emission targets.


Many More Indirect Gains

  1. Comprehensive growth of our country
  2. Increase in GDP by attaining stability of currency value difference
  3. India recorded a power supply shortage of 1,201 million units in October 2021 (the highest in 5.5 years) due to a crunch in coal stocks available with thermal plants.

    Solar power resources can bring Energy security to our country by reducing import of oil, coal and gases.

  1. A recently released survey suggests that nearly 13% of Indian population have no access to Grid supplied power and are living without electricity.

    Solar energy resources can help overcome this situation and bring a comprehensive growth.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprints with

Inframitra - Innovative Solar Solutions Provider

Inframitra specializes in bringing power of sun to your doorsteps. Our turnkey project solutions for utility scale power plants, solar farms and solarization of rooftop residential & commercial buildings help build a healthier planet.

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