Affiliate Program

About Affiliate Earning Program

Affiliate earning program is an exclusive high rewarding program initiated by Inframitra in India. This program is intended to facilitate its participants to earn an average of up to 5 Lacs (or even higher) per annum as rewards, depending upon their quantum of involvement in the program.

At Inframitra, we aspire to amplify evolution of clean energy in India by bringing sustainable solutions to harness solar power for everyone. An Inframitra Affiliate will play a pivotal function in realisation of this transition and help to tone down Global Warming and ensuring quality environment for future generations. For all the customers buying a solar system from Inframitra through reference of participants of this program, Affiliates (participants) will be paid a handsome reward as conversion fee. Being our Affiliate, more you refer, more you earn.

To know more about our Affiliate earning program, please write in to us at: or call us at: +91-7009847447

Eligibility Criteria

Shop Owners with walk-in customers and selling products to customer or Professionals e.g. consultants, businessmen, architects, interior designers, wealth manager, CA, etc. or simply someone who has good net-working skills can participate in our Affiliate Earning Program and start earning rewards.

Program Benefits

Inframitra Affiliate Earning Program is a source of extra income. This can be turned out to be a regular monthly income with safest and reliable means, which in-turn makes you a leader of creating a Greener, Better and Sustainable future of our nation.


Moreover, you can join this Affiliate Program very easily and it is absolutely free. You never need any kind of investments or stock inventory. There are no sales targets, even you can fix your own sales targets in accordance to your earning aspirations.


Best thing is that to become our Affiliate, you do not need to have any Solar Experience and still there is potential for unlimited earning.


You can start your journey by filling our Affiliate Subscription Form and we will be in touch with you. After completion of enrolment process Inframitra will provide you necessary trainings and other helpful materials to support you in achieving your reward goals.

Affiliate Working Process

This program involves very easy and transparent process of customer referral which is completely digital.



Affiliate starts sharing their individual QR code or link in their network



Customer scans your QR code or link to get registered with Inframitra



Inframitra gets connected with customer and takes care of their all needs to get solarised



Customer buys a solar system and makes full payment to Inframitra



Affiliate’s reward gets credited to their bank account as referral fee


If you want to join our Affiliate Program, our team will propose Training and Sales support.

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