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About Inframitra Solar Calculators

Inframitra Solar Calculator is a special tool, developed by our experienced team to enable you easily check the possible savings that you can achieve by adopting solar power. Our solar calculator facilitate you by estimating your electricity consumption, solar system sizing, solar savings, solar investment (capital expenditure), return on investment, payback period of your investment and solar financing options from across residential, commercial and industrial consumer categories.

This online solar calculator is user friendly and can be used by anyone easily. All you need to do is input basic details as directed at each step and the solar calculator will generate detailed calculation result of your solar potential. After the calculation result is generated, you can further download the calculation results as PDF report with ease of one click.

Using the Loan Calculator Option, you can compare your savings as well as the EMI and down payments when you plan to get Solar Financing. Whereas, our Load Calculator enables you to check yearly electricity consumption of your appliances / equipments to get decision on right size of your solar system.

The solar calculator is developed by our engineering team over a period of more than one year restless efforts. Inframitra online solar calculator included all the states and union territories in India with consumer category-wise as well as slab-wise energy tariffs. We are always working precisely on backend to make our Solar Calculator the most latest online solar calculation tool that ever available in the market.

Solar Calculator

Know the possible savings that you can achieve by adopting solar power

Load Calculator

Check yearly consumption of your electrical equipment & decide size of your solar system

Loan & EMI Calculator

Compare your savings along with EMI and down payments to get Solar Financing

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Inframitra specializes in bringing power of sun to your doorsteps. Our turnkey project solutions for utility scale power plants, solar farms and solarization of rooftop residential & commercial buildings help build a healthier planet.

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