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One of The Leading Solar Energy Companies in India

Inframitra is a single solution to all your Infrastructure requirements starting from concept designing till commissioning and maintenance, be it supply of Good or Services of off the shelf technology. Moreover, under one roof, you’ll find solutions to all your needs. We are an ISO-9001:2015 certified company with well defined operating procedures, to secure unbeatable quality driven performance. Inframitra is strengthened by abundantly experienced leadership with diversified industrial exposure. We are committed to provide Best in class quality at lowest optimized cost within guaranteed minimum time.

Powerful Solutions

Comprehensive product portfolio with precised solutions and services for optimized plant performance.

Experienced Leadership

Experience on development and execution of 4.5+ GW’s of solar projects from conceptual, design, construction till commissioning and maintenance.

Customized Solutions

Project specific grid connected & off-grid renewable energy solutions accomplishing your connected load requirements.

Diversified Experience

Diversified experience on serving various industries helps our leaders to Increase Productivity and improve performance.

Performance Orientation

Quality performance and customer satisfaction oriented services helps our clients getting optimum energy generation.

Hi-tech Tools and Process

State of the art engineering tools adjoined with our project management methodology ensures optimized performance, system reliability with lowest cost and time bound best quality.

Social Responsibility

Profound commitment towards reducing global carbon footprints where we meticulously spotlight plantation of saplings.

    What is Solar Energy

    We consume fossil fuels at a greater rate than we have ever had over the past 50 years. That demand is fueled by the increase of cars on the street, the number of planes that take to the air and the number of homes that need electricity. Unfortunately, we will have depleted these resources by the end of this century which is why we have to come up with other ways to get power and solar energy may be the future.

    Many of us take the sun for granted and if we are really serious about preserving the environment and reducing our demand for oil, solar energy is just one of the options we have on the table.

    Solar energy is simply extracting the sun’s energy for power. Solar energy is a form of renewable energy as it utilizes the radiant energy coming from the sun. This is done by converting sunlight into electricity using solar cells.

    What We Do

    Solar for Home

    Upgrading your roofs to solar roofs to transform the world towards a sustainable future

    Solar Geyser

    Our solar geysers made it possible to get hot water for all your needs available on all days without electricity

    Solar Water Pumps

    Empowering our farmers by providing reliable water supply with solar water pumps

    C & I Solutions

    Ensuring best returns on investments with our off the shelf solar solutions specially designed for commercial & industrial clients

    Utility Scale Solar

    Providing cost and time effective large scale ground mount solar projects with precised engineering

    Solutions We Offer


    Upfront cost of setting-up a solar power plant is borne by the user as a plant owner


    Get electricity from solar system with no upfront cost at lower rates than grid tariff


    Single solar system for multiple power consumers with no upfront cost at lower rates than grid tariff

    Accreditations and Collaborations

    Unlock Your Uncountable Solar Benefits with

    Inframitra and Its Economically Viable Solutions

    Our well experienced associates and precised quality standards along with standard operating procedures for installation services ensure you a sustainable and cost effective solar experience.

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