Renewable energy is the finest option, if you are looking to reduce your electricity bills or your carbon footprints. Your investment as upfront cost of setting up a solar power plant as a plant owner, can be better materialised by our CAPEX Model typically known as EPC Model (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction).

In-depth Design and Engineering

Engineering design is the 1st step for setting up a high quality solar energy plant. Our engineering experts derive optimum power generation by conducting site survey and its weather conditions. Making design solutions in highest sync to your requirements is our priority. This also involves analysing your area and electricity consumption pattern, selection of appropriate equipment, complete the engineering design for the proposed solar energy plant.



Our team procures the best suited and Tier-1 categorised equipment and components for setting up your renewable energy plant. As your one-stop renewable energy EPC contractor, at Inframitra, our utmost priority is to ensure procurement of best-in-class quality materials for reliable performance of your solar plant.

Construction of Solar Plant

We will construct and commission your customised solar power plant. Our engineers, following our best in class SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedure), will be setting up the plant using best engineering practices and highest standards of quality and safety.


Operation & Maintenance

Maintenance of any solar plant plays vital role in its performance, throughout the life cycle of the solar plant. Our engineers monitor your renewable energy plants continuously, to ensure maximum performance and minimal downtime. Through maintenance contract, you can ensure the monitoring of your solar energy plant 24×7 to upkeep the power generation efficiency of the system throughout the plant life. Inframitra offers you uninterrupted service and maximizing your solar energy plant’s performance.

Our EPC solution includes managing the complete operation and maintenance of the solar power plant through a 24×7 remote monitoring solution.

Join Global Transition towards Clean Energy with

Economically Viable Solutions from Inframitra

Whether your aim is to reduce your electricity bills, reduce your carbon footprint, fulfill regulatory obligations, or accomplish your sustainability goals, Inframitra has a solution for your all needs.

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