Solar Water Pumps

Solar Submersible Pumps


Most of the Indian farmers depends on natural resources i.e. Rains to fulfil their irrigation requirements. However, Electric Water Pumps are being used widely as an artificial mean for irrigation purpose. Farmers rely on grid supplied electricity or diesel generator sets to run these water pumps causing delays and financial stress to the farmers.

Solar Water Pump is an awesome technique for providing water to isolated locations that are both environmentally and socially beneficial. Now-a-days, Solar pumps are being widely popular among farmers and are used for irrigation of agricultural lands. Solar Water Pumps help to increase crops yield by empowering our farmers with uninterrupted availability of reliable water supply without causing any economical burdens to them.

Solar water pumps operate with electricity produced by photovoltaic technology which utilises the Power of Sun to produce electricity and thereby, replaces dependency of irregular grid supply and highly polluting diesel generators.

Inframitra offers wide range of Solar Water Pumps for both Surface and Submersible categories. Solar powered pumps offers freedom to our farmers from power-cuts from grid-supply, expensive fuel cost and maintenance cost of diesel generators.

Solar Geyser

Solar Water Heaters

Solar geyser

Now-a-days, people are being more aware on global problems like pollution and climate change. This is making them turning towards sustainable and eco-friendly living solutions. Solar water heaters are the best way to get hot water without relying on expensive and irregular grid supplied electricity.

Inframitra offers a wide range of Solar Water Heaters (Solar Geysers) for both residential as well as commercial applications. Solar water heaters are designed to provide hot water without using electricity, which makes them environment-friendly. Solar water geysers are equipped with a high-quality extra thick stainless steel inner tank to ensure long durable life and evacuated glass tubes to keep water warm for long duration.

Whether it’s your home, office, commercial buildings i.e. Hotels, Hospitals etc. our solar geysers provide instant hot water while saving electricity. Solar Geysers are ideal for locations having no access to grid electricity or irregular supplies of grid electricity.

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