RESCO (Renewable Energy Service Company) model is beneficial for you, if you have ample space to set up a solar power plant inside your premises.

Zero upfront investment

Compared to CAPEX model, the RESCO model involves zero-investments by the consumer. Here consumer pays only for the electricity generated, whereas the solar plant is owned by the RESCO developer. You can enjoy the electricity at lower rates compared to grid tariff without worrying about any operations and maintenance issues as the entire performance risk lies with RESCO. All you need to do is signing a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with a pre-decided monthly solar tariff.


Uninterrupted Performance and Maintenance

As the complete ownership and performance risk of the solar system will be with RESCO developer for the duration of PPA, our experienced engineers will ensure efficient performance of the solar power system.

Constant Monitoring of System Performance

For constant monitoring of operating loads and energy consumption data, we equip our RESCO model solar projects with remote mentoring system, which ensure real-time energy data analysis. This enables us to operate the plant more efficiently.


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