Solar For Home

The need of Solar Powered Energy is increasingly gaining popularity across world due to the relatively lower cost investments and non-complexities of setting up a plant backed by several favourable government initiatives like subsidies and net metering policies. We, at Inframitra, possess expertise and engineering capabilities to build innovative rooftop solar power plants of all sizes depending on customer requirements.

We design, build and commission customized Off-grid and Grid-tied Rooftop Solar Power Plants suited for a diverse profile of customers ranging from Residential spaces in both urban and rural areas. Inframitra converts your conventional roof in to a life full beauty of solar panels that will fulfill your electricity need for decades with the power of sun.

Inframitra designs and supplies residential solar systems using global reputed brands of the key components ensuring utmost quality and performance.

C & I Solutions

Inframitra provide aesthetically engineered Solar systems while maintaining highest quality & performance standards, maximum space optimization and safety. It differentiates itself in product innovation and close-to customer service.

We are a rooftop solar company, with an aim to work towards making people aware on the steps for building a cleaner planet for our future generations. Adopting Solar Energy is one of the ways for sustainable livings. We aim to assist our clients at their every step towards making a greener and cleaner tomorrow.

Inframitra provides standard as well as customized solutions for commercial buildings, industrial metal sheds, carports, warehouses, schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, clinics, institutes, office buildings, restaurants, and many more applications.

Our specialization covers the complete value chain ranging from advisory to procurement, engineering to project development, construction to maintenance services.

Types of Rooftop Solar solutions

Unlock Your Uncountable Solar Benefits with

Inframitra and Its Economically Viable Solutions

Our well experienced associates and precised quality standards along with standard operating procedures for installation services ensure you a sustainable and cost effective solar experience.

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